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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tahoe Legends of Snowboarding

Dave Seoane’s Life Sentence lifetime season pass was denied, Shawn Farmer poached the pipe, Tom Burt charged the Palisades on a 25-year-old board, Mike and Tina Basich put another siblings halfpipe win on their resumes, Edgar “Pineapple” Rivera did some spittin’ on the mic, Mike McDaniel sat in the judges chair, former resort owner Norm Sayler hung out at the bottom of the pipe, and Damian Sanders, Keith Kimmel, Amy Roberts, and Joel Gomez were inducted into the Tahoe Legends of Snowboarding and get their names listed on the perpetual trophies kept in the old school lodge at Donner Ski Ranch. (Neither Damian nor Keith showed up to accept their awards. Damian got wrecked on his moto bike, and we think Keith is just shy.)

Throw in Chris Roach, Jeff Brushie, Jim Rippey, Jason Borgstede, Noah Salasnek, Rocket Reeves, Jon Baiocchi, Dave Alden, Bob Klein, and four-time world champion Terry Kidwell on rhythm guitar and you have a rockin’ day on snow with most of the people basically responsible for what snowboarding isy all together on March 14, 2009 for the 5th Annual Tahoe Legends of Snowboarding.

The group congregated at an authentic u-ditch pipe for an old school halfpipe contest, and freeriding on classic snowriding crafts. It was an impressive gathering of snowboarding’s living history that often gets overlooked in the commercial rush to move more units. To those who grew up idolizing snowboarding’s pioneers, The Tahoe Legends of Snowboarding is a chance to remember why we got into it in the first place: hanging out with friends and sliding on snow.

A big thanks to the original Tahoe Legend Don Bostick for making it all happen.

Story courtesy of www.boardistan.com

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