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Founded in 1983, Sessions is a leading snowboard and action sports company that designs, merchandises, sources, and distributes high performance snowboard apparel, accessories and apparel for the core, youth-driven sports segment. Sessions was the first snowboarding company to incorporate Gore-Tex fabrics and Recco avalanche reflectors into their products. Today, Sessions has placed itself at the cutting edge of the music, snowboard and skateboard culture. Sessions is one of the last remaining independently owned brands.

The Sessions Team Is - Tim Humphreys, Tara Dakides, Andreas Gidlund, E-Man Anderson, Antti "NAKU" Piirainen, Ian Thorley, Taylor Carlton, Kyle Miller, Nial Romenak, Peter Benchetler and Brett Butcher

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

JT in Field Productions' 09 release "Eyes Wide Open"

Field Productions

13 year Sessions ski team member, JT Holmes, encouraged the Scandinavian filmmaker Filip Christensen of Field Productions to come and spend 3 weeks in the western United States filming on his local terrain including Squaw Valley California, Lake Tahoe backcountry, Ruby mountains of Nevada, and the Wasatch of Utah. Filip showed up with athlete Eirik Finseth and the 3 of them together with still photographer Sam Hall followed the good snow and shared amazing ski lines and good times the whole time. Eirik and JT were CHARGING! Look for lots of big airs, fast skiing and also some hearty wipeouts! In the end, the crew was sad to finish up and made a pact to ski again together next year.

Field Productions is the next force to be reckoned with in ski movies. With a distribution partnership with VAS entertainment, Filip's creative editting style, unheard music tracks and the skiing from Jon Olson, Eric Hjorleifson, PK Hunder, Chris Rubens, Aksel Lund Svindal, Tom Wallisch, Anders Backe, JT, Eirik and many more, this will be THE movie that ski fans young and old consider a must have following the September 19, 2009 premier. Check out the teaser and decide for yourself! http://fieldproductions.com/official_teaser/

Session up at Camp of Champs

This summer, COC changed up their guest format to promote few riders in town under what they called, a Send It With session. I thought that was better as in the past, they had whole teams come up and noone new who was who and so a more personalized approach made it better for the coaches and campers.

Somehow I got in charge of running the ski program up there and with that comes some marketing influence atop coaching and other fun camp admin stuff. The marketing side allows me to invite the riders I want to chill with on the hill so this past summer, I invited Chris Benchetler and Andy Mahre (Sessions homies) to come up and shred for the kids. Andy arrived on the 3rd session and Benny came up on the last one.

Both of these boyz have the BC on lock and so jumping was all their focus. I attempted to get Benny to get rails and even though he acts like thats his past, he's still got it. (Come on Chris, you know that clutch 2sev on / out moment felt good!!) But outside the shreddin, it was rad to hang with these guys off the hill and catch up when the stress of tracking storms and "getting the shot" is done for the year.

Check out a couple vids that came out with us shreddin:
This one is a album of coach edits we did in our spare time -
This one is a series of edits that our camp filmer did -

-Matt Sterbenz