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Founded in 1983, Sessions is a leading snowboard and action sports company that designs, merchandises, sources, and distributes high performance snowboard apparel, accessories and apparel for the core, youth-driven sports segment. Sessions was the first snowboarding company to incorporate Gore-Tex fabrics and Recco avalanche reflectors into their products. Today, Sessions has placed itself at the cutting edge of the music, snowboard and skateboard culture. Sessions is one of the last remaining independently owned brands.

The Sessions Team Is - Tim Humphreys, Tara Dakides, Andreas Gidlund, E-Man Anderson, Antti "NAKU" Piirainen, Ian Thorley, Taylor Carlton, Kyle Miller, Nial Romenak, Peter Benchetler and Brett Butcher

Monday, December 29, 2008

Montana Rail Jam

Big Sky Resort in Montana holds an annual rail jam every December called R.U.St. This was the 5th year for the event. Montana is a cold place, temps were in the -15 degrees region during the jam. Somehow with freezing arctic like weather people still seemed to show up and watch. Sessions AM Kyle Miller strolled by while returning home for the holidays. Montana loc dog Shane Stalling was also present to do some jibbing and get a little thing I like to call "frost bite". Miller walked away with the win and some numb feet. After the jam it began to snow heavily for the next couple days bringing us a couple feet of fresh to play in. With Big Sky's massive terrain and small crowds it made some of the best pow days thus far this season.
Jeff Hawe Photos


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dew Tour Kicked off today....

Today was the Mens slopestyle Qualifier for the Dew Tour. There were 50 guys battling it out for 16 spots. Some heavy riding went down for a qualifier. Tim Humphreys qualified 3rd with a run that went, front side 900, cab 900 to backside 720. Semifinals and Finals are this Friday!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Peter Benchetler to be featured on The Daily Habit!!!

Tune in on Friday, December 26th at 6pm PST/9pm EST on Fuel TV and later again that evening at 9pm PST/12am EST. 
The show rebroadcasts the following weekday on Monday, December 29th at 11:30am PST/2:30pm EST and again later at 2:30pm PST/5:30pm EST


The new Snowboarder Photo Annual recently hit the book shelves and the Sessions team is all over it!

Tim Humphreys, Nate Bozung, Antti "Naku" Piirainen and Drew Fuller all have one page editorial shots

Andreas Gidlund has a Sessions add

NW Sessions rep rider Shane Stalling has a two page spread

Go pick yourself up a copy and check out all the action!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Grand Prix, "Progression Session" took place last night under snowy skies at Copper Mountain. Tim Humphreys was in town to compete for a chunk of the prize money.
The setup was a flat step down style jump into a hitching post jib with transitions on all for sides. 20 riders took to the course and five were giving the nod to ride in the finals. Tim rode supper strong in qualifiers and made the cut.
Finals were best of three runs. On Tim's first run he landed a picture perfect cab 900 but fell trying a miller flip hand plant on the hitching post. A run that would have landed 1st or 2nd place. Tim went for the same tricks on his next two runs but with snow pilling up on the run in, speed was becoming difficult to obtain. He wasn’t able to put down a perfect run in the finals but still came away with a very respectable 5th place. Great job Tim!

Tim 4 hours before he turned 21

Hitching post feature

Judges had there work cut out 

Abe Blair getting the shot

The Jump

Friday, December 12, 2008

Update from Snowy Sweden.
/Andreas Gidlund

It has been snowing pretty much now and it seems to stay here…
Witch doesn't seem to happen often… especially not here, close to where i live.
We have been out shooting a couple of spots.
My friend hurt himself on a tree down rail and had to get 11 stiches… ouch…
After that i went to 2 spots alone the coming 2 days… Witch went pretty well, but its not that fun to do a street spot all alone…
After that we took a day off and went out partying, wich was super fun and well needed after holding a shovel all week long! Hehe
Now today we started shooting again and got some sweet shots!
Waking up pretty early tomorrow to keep on shooting!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tim Humphreys 21st Birthday!!!!!!!

Is this Sunday the 14th..... Happy birthday Tim!!!!!

Sessions warehouse sale happening right now!!!

Need a great Christmas present?? Head over to Sessions to get great deals on Outerwear and soft goods!!!!

60 Old El Pueblo Road
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Photo essay by jeff Hawe featuring Kyle Miller

BEAR opener

Bear mtn opened this last week they only had the bunny slope open but there were some fun jibs bumps and ollies probally one of the funnest times i have ever had..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bear Mountain video featuring Zak Hale on TWsnow.com!

Go check it out.... but don't forget to come back!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Grand Prix going down at Copper Mountain next week

Tim Humphreys and Taylor Carlton will be at Copper next week to compete in the Triple Line contest. If you are in the area go check it out. It kicks off at 7PM on December 13th!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boreal edit # 54,323

Another day on the strip at Boreal with the pocket digi
Dont miss out. SESSIONS annual warehouse sale is kicking off December 4th and goes till December 21st. This is a great chance to get into new SESSIONS gear at a discounted price. Some items as much as 75% off! 

60 Old El Pueblo RD
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

See ya there!!!!
Tim Humphreys and Andreas Gidlund came into town a few weeks ago for some Sessions meetings and relaxation. The week was filled with golf, great food, skating, surfing and chilling by the pool. Here are some photos for your viewing enjoyment!

View from the Hotel 

Tim ollies over some milk crates

skating down the warf

Joel Gomez and Andreas at dinner

Humps ready to tee off

Butchy is a big boy!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Snowboarder Mag Photo Annual

Both Tim Humphreys and NW regional rider Shane Stalling ended up with amazing photos in the new Snowboarder Mag photo annual that should be out on news stands now. So grab one from your local shop on the way to or from snowboarding and feast your eyes on some of the best photos of the season. Sessions represent.


Heres a couple photos from Rome PreJib at the summit a week or two ago. Enjoy


From left to right: Kevin Griffin, Dave Rouleau, Dave Fortin, Molly Milligan, E-Man Anderson.

Sessions team Canada is on fire this season. We've recently added Kevin griffin and E-man Anderson to the team.
They join Dave Fortin, Martin Gallant, Molly Milligan, Dave Rouleau and Phil Jaques. Look out for more news coming down the pipeline soon.

Dave Rouleau Makes mince meat out of "Place Des Arts" in montreal Quebec!!!