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Founded in 1983, Sessions is a leading snowboard and action sports company that designs, merchandises, sources, and distributes high performance snowboard apparel, accessories and apparel for the core, youth-driven sports segment. Sessions was the first snowboarding company to incorporate Gore-Tex fabrics and Recco avalanche reflectors into their products. Today, Sessions has placed itself at the cutting edge of the music, snowboard and skateboard culture. Sessions is one of the last remaining independently owned brands.

The Sessions Team Is - Tim Humphreys, Tara Dakides, Andreas Gidlund, E-Man Anderson, Antti "NAKU" Piirainen, Ian Thorley, Taylor Carlton, Kyle Miller, Nial Romenak, Peter Benchetler and Brett Butcher

Friday, November 20, 2009

SESSIONS, Get to know a Pro!

This weeks question comes from Mitch Giles.

Hey Tim,I am just wondering what you keep yourself busy with during the off season? Right now its driving me nuts, trying to find everything possible to shred, but whats your vice?
-Mitch Giles

Oooohhh mannn, The things that I keep myself busy with in the offseason. I would have to say that my biggest vice is skating. Itrequires the least amount of effort to go from the couch to shreddingthe gnar. It’s also alot harder then snowboarding so I feel like I’mlearning tricks and little things that will help me out in the winter. Surfing would have to be a very close 2nd. It’s alot more difficult forme though because I have to wait for there to be waves, and then driveat least an hour to the shore. When I’m not skating or surfing, I’mprobably shredding road in my STi. It’s a nice change up for when I’mtoo beat up from the latter. I always have a good time going to thistrack with some friends and dragging some 1/4 miles : ) I’ve also beendoing that gym thing when I can. Hopefully I answered your questionMitch. Shred On!

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