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Founded in 1983, Sessions is a leading snowboard and action sports company that designs, merchandises, sources, and distributes high performance snowboard apparel, accessories and apparel for the core, youth-driven sports segment. Sessions was the first snowboarding company to incorporate Gore-Tex fabrics and Recco avalanche reflectors into their products. Today, Sessions has placed itself at the cutting edge of the music, snowboard and skateboard culture. Sessions is one of the last remaining independently owned brands.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Antarctica Expedition

Nov 6-7, 2009:

Around 1 am we rounded Cape Horn and entered into the Drake Passage.
The snow outside is really coming down. The seas are much rougher
this year. About 25 - 30 foot waves so far. I placed a soccer ball
in the lounge and watch it pick up speed last night and roll from one
side of the room to another. By 3 am we were really rocking and
rolling. I spent most of the early hours laying awake in bed
listening to cabinets open and slam close. The boat makes giant
creepy creeks as it plows through these large swells and with every
few waves, our boat gets slammed and shakes violently from end to
another, just like a wet dog. We are going up and down and side to
side, I am nervous and am not used to the seas. Waves are hitting the
windows and allowing water in through some of the port holes. The
waves are hitting us from all ends and this will continue till we get
down to Antarctica. The toilets have been swishing about all over and
the shower curtain keeps sliding open and closed. Another large wave
hits and I hold onto the side of my bed to keep me from falling out.
A few waves later, we are slammed again and this time I hear what
sounds like to be a human body thrown into the side of a wall in the
hallway. I can’t sleep and am exhausted. This lack of sleep keeps me
up till early breakfast. At breakfast, I struggled to walk up the
stairs and through the halls and I could only take my steps when the
waves allow me too, always holding onto a railing or taking an
athletic stance to counter the waves. I arrived at the dining room
and there are only a few others. Most are still struggling to sleep,
some are passed out from medications, and others are hugging toilets
back in their rooms. Some of the boat staff struggled to set up
breakfast as the tables that weren’t bolted into the ship slide side
to side, knocking food off the table and silverware. About every 4
waves, we are hit by a big one, and glasses of orange juice or coffee
slide across our tables. Some are caught, others are not and shatter
on the floor. Plates are also falling to the ground and a lady flips
back out of her chair onto the ground. It is going to be a long day
for most of us.

Looking forward to getting on land,
Sean Busby

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