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Founded in 1983, Sessions is a leading snowboard and action sports company that designs, merchandises, sources, and distributes high performance snowboard apparel, accessories and apparel for the core, youth-driven sports segment. Sessions was the first snowboarding company to incorporate Gore-Tex fabrics and Recco avalanche reflectors into their products. Today, Sessions has placed itself at the cutting edge of the music, snowboard and skateboard culture. Sessions is one of the last remaining independently owned brands.

The Sessions Team Is - Tim Humphreys, Tara Dakides, Andreas Gidlund, E-Man Anderson, Antti "NAKU" Piirainen, Ian Thorley, Taylor Carlton, Kyle Miller, Nial Romenak, Peter Benchetler and Brett Butcher

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Almost Dead Full Movie on TWS

NC Production's 2008 release Almost Dead is now online. Almost Dead features Sessions AM Kyle Miller. Miller starts off the movie with the opener and also features amazing riders like Lucas Wilson, Jason Robinson, Kyle Martin, Justin Norman, Vincent Remmel, Aaron Robinson, Aaron Brietenbach, Carson Schubert, Nicki Wiess, Jonny Malanga and Skylar Thornton. Filmed by Leland McNamara and Sam Hiltner. Don't miss this one, she's a good!

Almost Dead from Leland McNamara on Vimeo.

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