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Friday, November 28, 2008

Another Humps interview!

This ones on Methodmag.com

Hell ya Tim!

Amidst the mayhem of booze, cheese, and bad weather at Le Mondial du Snowboard at Les 2 Alpes, France we ran into Flow's freshest meat, Tim Humphreys. After last seasons triumphs at the US Open Big Air and other events, this young rider from New Jersey has been launched to the center stage but found the time to sit down with us and give us his quick two cents on the French, New Jersey, Flow, and what the 08-09 season has in store for him.

Name -Tim Humphreys
Age-20 years old
Hometown- Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Sponsors- Flow, Bolle, Sessions, Eesa, Neff, Skullcandy

How is it that someone from such an unsnowy and dirty place as New Jersey has so much skill?

Well in New Jersey, you learn very quickly not to fall because it's icy and you falling equals you getting hurt, so I think that's why a lot of the east coast guys are so consistent because we learn quickly that falling isn't an option.

Do you have New Jersey Pride?

Oh yea! I mean it's dirty, it's scummy, it has like 3 or 4 of the most dangerous cities in the US, it might have like 108 toxic waste dumps, but you gotta love it. The euros might not know too much about it but they will.

What are you doing in France?

"It's an opening season industry jam" in Les 2 Alpes called the Mondial, some sort of tradeshow contest but the event was cancelled. I was just told I'm going to France and that's it.

What is one good thing about the French?

They have some really good food here. I haven't had one bad meal yet. No matter where I go it always seems to be tasty.

What is one bad thing about the French?

It seems like people here run on French time. Every time I'm supposed to do something in 20 minutes, it ends up being like 2 hours later. Things just seem to move a bit slower here... but hey I hear Spanish time is even worse. This interview is the first thing I have done on time so far.

If you could go back to one country you have been to, which one would it be?

Japan, for sure. That place is the best. They get dumped on super hard and being from New Jersey where you barely get fresh snow it's nice to get 2 meters in a week. It's definitely a nice change.

Do you prefer big comps like the Open or do you prefer a day out with the homies?

I like both, I definitely like riding with my friends but I am a fan of contests, growing up I did a lot of comps and so I feel comfortable and enjoy competing.

What do you have to say to anyone that doubts the Flow binding system or hasn't tried it?

Well if you haven't tried them or doubt them, they should go get a pair, maybe a demo, borrow some and see how they feel and find out what all the hype is about. The NXT AT's are the real nice. While they’re at it they should try a Flow board too. I recommend the Era or the Quantum.

What do you say to the people that are calling you next "Big Man" at Flow?

I'll take it, I'll take it.

So just to wrap things up, what are plans for this season; filming, competitions, girlfriends, pets....

Well I don't have a girlfriend, maybe I'll film some stuff but I'm not really with any film company yet, maybe if someone is looking… hint, hint, I might be available. Definitely have a lot of competitions coming up; the first Dew Tour, some of the (Burton) Opens, I am gonna try to make it to the European Open, definitely the US Open, the Honda sessions, Toyota Big Air, and probably a bunch more that I can squeeze in. I’ve got a list long that is as long as hell of things I'm supposed to be at. I'd like to tell myself I'll spend some time learning new tricks and filming but just seems like I always just end up doing comps.

-By Alexis
-Photos by Rami Hanafi

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